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consultanta in marketing, PR, promovare online, social media, vanzari interne si internationale

email: mariana . duma @ gmail. com

Twitter @marianaduma


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Consultant of Marketing, PR, Sales

– marketing, PR strategies, plans, execution of campaigns worldwide
– branding, rebranding of services, products, companies, associations
– sales strategies, training, generation of new clients, retention of old clients
– internet presence – websites, newsletters, blogs, promotion
– strategies / execution of international partnerships for companies
– press relations worldwide
– consulting, coaching for general / marketing/ sales / HR management
– event management and representation (international trade shows, B2B meetings)
– helping international companies find Romanian partners or locate in Romania
– marketing, PR, sales strategies, planning, campaigns
– branding, rebranding
– business coaching

Consultant of Marketing, PR, Sales
September 2006 – Present (2 years 5 months)
– marketing, PR strategies, plans, execution of campaigns worldwide
– branding, rebranding of services, products, companies, associations
– internet presence – websites, newsletters, blogs, promotion
– strategies / execution of international partnerships for companies
– press relations worldwide
– event management and representation (international trade shows, B2B meetings) for sales leads generation
– helping international companies find Romanian partners or locate in Romania

Member of the Board of Directors at ARIES – Romanian Association of ITC & Electronics

January 2004 – Present (5 years 1 month)
Since 2004, I was elected as the only lady within the Board of Directors of ARIES, the largest association of companies in ITC & Electronics industries within Romania & SE Europe, having more than 350 Romanian companies as members.
I took the responsibility of coordinating the marketing & PR strategy for the Association, both on a national and international markets, by outlining the directions and also finding the best business partners to achieve it.
Therefore, marketing, PR, web companies/candidates with references in ITC markets are kindly invited to send me an offer of collaboration.

President & Spokesperson at Civic Group Bucharest
May 2006 – Present (2 years 9 months)
co-initiator and spokesperson of a civic group having now hundreds of Romanian members
worldwide. The group fights for preservation of Romania’s cultural & historical patrimony & ecology.
The greatest achievement of it, together with other NGOs and volunteers, was preserving the Revolution & Athaeneum Squares free of office buildings, after a 2 years civic fight (many TV shows vs the Mayor, press releases, 8 street demonstrations with hundreds of people etc)
The group is continuing the civic activities towards preserving parks, green spaces of the cities & cultural patrimony.
Volunteers are welcome to join the group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/consiliul-cetatenilor.

Marketing,PR & International Sales Manager at ADCOS Romania
September 2001 – September 2006 (5 years 1 month)
– team manager of marketing, PR and international sales for B2B software solutions (ERP, CRM, custom computer software)
– sales leads generation, sales contracts and project management with international clients of software / web development markets (UK, USA, Germany, Austria etc)
– partnerships with Romanian software companies
– participation to national / international IT events : Outsource World London, Outsource World New York, Systems Munich Germany, Austria, Cebit Hannover, Binary Bucharest (2001 – 2006)
– very active player on the Romanian B2B IT market for a better branding of Romana abroad, through repeated personal discussions with the ITC Minister, Nagy Zsolt, Economics Minister Iulius Winkler, President of ARIES Alexandru Borcea, ex President of ANIS and President of SOFTWIN
Florin Talpes and many other personalities in the IT area
– interviews given on behalf of Romanian ITC industry to CNN in New York 2003, and many other international business magazines 2001- 2006
4 recommendations available upon request

Marketing, PR Manager at Marshal Tourism
September 2000 – April 2001 (8 months)
– marketing campaigns for corporate accounts
– representing the company in many international events in Bucharest, promoting Romania’s highlights in tourism

Key Account Manager – at ORANGE Romania
January 1996 – January 1998 (2 years 1 month)
i was among first 5 Romanian persons working in actual Orange Romania, even before its launching on the Romanian market, as assistant translator of Board of Directors (from shareholder France Telecom and also Romanian)
1996 – Travel Coordinator for Expatriate directors
1997 – Key Account Manager in Indirect Sales

Honors and Awards
Diploma of Excellence for promoting Romanian ITC abroad – 2004- given by ARIES
Member of ARIES Board of Directors http://www.aries.ro – 2004-present
Member in Ethics Committee – ANIS – http://www.anis.ro – 2004-2005;
One of the 100 Successful Women – CIPE – 2004
CNN interview in New York on behalf of Romanian ITC industry – 2003
Numerous TV broadcasts for IT shows and also for civic fight for preserving historical Bucharest and green parks – search me on youtube.com

branding Romania, marketing, PR, IT branding, internet marketing, traveling, photography, networking, environment, tourism, Romanian values, culture, ecology, blogging, personal development, leadership, coaching

12 people have recommended Mariana

„Working with Mariana is always a nice experience because she is the best PR Manager /Consultant that I (and my company) worked with. The latest event that we worked together as a team was a few weeks ago and it was very successfully for my company. Mariana has facilitated us several (face-to-face) meetings with potential new costumers. I am familiar with Mariana’s
involvement in civic actions in Bucharest and Romania.”
— Dan Gurghian, Owner, Amplusnet, was with another company when working with Mariana at ALBERA

„Mariana is a „walk the talk” kind of person. She sees something that needs to be done for the community, for the entire country, and she does it. She is a great attractor of talented people and she helps them follow their path. If you want to help Romania in any way she might be one of the best persons to talk to first.”
— Mihail MUSAT, Trainer, Coacher, Mentor, Freelancer, was with another company when working with Mariana at ALBERA

„Mariana has great positive energy and charisma. She is very dynamic and loves her work. I enjoyed working with her and have benefit on hers organizational talent and creativity.”
— Despina Leonhard, Senior Consultant (Dipl. Inf.), securenet, was with another company when working with Mariana at ADCOS Romania

„Mariana is very devoted to her vision and goals, works hard and passionate to achieve them, is an excellent communicator and is one of the fewest people I met in business, that believes in business ethics beyond its simple declaration.”
Daniela Bichir, Vice-president Human Resources &Quality, SIVECO Romania, was with another company when working with Mariana at ALBERA

„Mariana Duma is a skilled and dedicated person, devoted to the civic cause. I know for a fact that there is great need for people like her, particularly in Romania, where action is very rare. She is a self-driven person, does not hold back on anything (within the legal bounds) when she has committed to a cause. She will persevere until she has succeeded in reaching the goal set at the beginning. Another ability she possesses is that of networking. She is naturally talented to create connections, find connections and keep them for an extended period of time. She is a great PR & Communication person. This is one key ingredient to success in any venture. I am currently
developing my collaboration with her on an environment protection cause and I can see her drive and skills making the difference. Therefore, I highly recommend her for collaborations of any kind: business partnerships, collaboration on social or environmental projects, mentorships,
sponsorships or any other kind of projects one may think of.
— Liana Buzea, President., EcoAssist, was with another company when working with Mariana at ALBERA

„I have known Mariana professionally for more than a year now and I have been extremely pleased with her level of integrity and response ever since. I had two IT projects which needed to be developed under pressure and in both cases she managed the tasks with great care and delivered on time. It is obvious that she can handle work-related issues very well and she keeps a tight control over her schedule and ressources. I highly recommend Mariana to anyone desiring to streamline his/her business or who would be interested in exploring other Romanian marketopportunities.”— Alex Damian, New York IT company, was Mariana’s client
„I’ve collaborated with Mariana many times in different approaches on Romanian market and I observed that she has a very high level of soft skills, a very professional marketing knowledge and client’s needs understanding. I’m recommending her for any kind business who implies networking, working with clients and marketing consulting.”
— Radu Popescu, Sales Manager, Romanian Data Soft, was with another company when working with Mariana at ALBERA

„Mariana is one of the greatest Marketing profesionals from Romania. I admire her passion for Environment, Marketing and Romania. Dear Mariana, I am happy I can learn from you :)”
— Bogdan Spiru, was Mariana’s client

„Excellent cooperation. Positive, dynamic, business orriented lady. Waiting for a new deal !
— Cristian NICOLAE, Managing Partner, SOFTEXPERT, was with another company when working with Mariana at ADCOS Romania

„We worked together on several projects especialy in marketing and positioning the software association on some exhibitions CEBIT and Systems. Mariana did a great job and find out the advantages Romanian companies have in the offshore software development area. We highly recomemnd her on such marketing activities and promotion of your services especialy in the IT area.”
Voicu Oprean, Founder and CEO, AROBS Transilvania Software, was with another company when working with Mariana at ADCOS Romania

„Resourceful leader adept at implementing high-profile, image-based marketing programs within IT industry. Creates integrated strategies to develop new/existing customer sales, brand/product evolution and media endorsement. Strong and persuasive interpersonal skills.”
— Nicolae Sfetcu, Owner, MultiMedia, was with another company when working with Mariana at ADCOS Romania

„Mariana is a Marketing Manager with extensive experience in Information Technology, export promotion (with a certain emphasis on superior value services), and also extremely dedicated to social and cultural issues. Although we first „met” several years ago, in the virtual space, I am pretty
much updated with Mariana’s main projects – which are quite visible due to her bold involvement. Recently she showed great courage when she decided to start-up her own consultancy, while leading some of the most vocal protest actions ever in favour of preserving the architectural
heritage and integrity of Bucharest – the capital of Romania – where both of us live. I would not hesitate to recommend Mariana for any leading Marketing role in a broad variety of industries or cross-industries.”
— Gheorghe Scripcariu ## [LION 3000+], Owner, BT (Public Relations), was with another company when working with Mariana at ALBERA


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11 gânduri despre „Ce lucrez, Contact

  1. buna,

    de ce sa fie complicat cand s-ar putea mai simplu ?
    adica, petitia sa fie on-line; eu singura pot s-o trimit la
    o gramada de adrese, prietenii mei la fel, s.a.m.d. ?
    multi, nu au printer acasa, sau nu au timp si-o lasa balta,
    desi impartasesc ideea………
    o petitie on-line ca de ex. cea pt. delta, sau cea a primarului de la s.1 cu parcul tineretului, ar aduce mai multe semnaturi…

    o zi buna,

  2. Mariana ma bucur ca te-am regasit dupa ceva timp.Abia astept sa ne vedem pentru a-mi acorda consultanta de marketing in domeniul meu de activitate: sonorizari evenimente particulare si corporate.

    Multumesc mult


  3. Buna Mariana. Ce faci?M-am adaptat la sfaturile pe care mi le-ai dat in legatura cu proiectele mele de marketing pt acest an si acestea s-au dovedit a da roade din plin.

    Pupici si iti multumesc ca esti alaturi de mine

  4. stimata doamna, e frumos ce spuneti… dar nu e nimic consistent din pacate.. din Romania pe care o iubiti spuneti dumneavoastra atat de mult nu a ramas decat foarte putin, prea putin pentru noi, locuitorii ei. Bancile straine au venit (nu a fost nimeni care sa le opreasca) si ne-au inrobit… ne-au luat totul… americanii au adus militari si au facut baze nato pe teritoriul nostru ( pana in 89 nu era picior de armata straina in tara)… rusii au luat capacitatil;e de rafinare a titeiului si productia de aluminiu, tevi, etc… muncim pe nimic la fabricile acum ale strainilor, pentru a plati ratele la bancile strainilor si unii ca dumneavoastra afirma ca noi suntem de vina?!!! ca noi nu lasam sa iasa liderii valorosi la rampa si alte povesti… doamna draga, mai bine limitativa la pr-ul dumneavoastra si alte lucruri din acestea siropoase, nu mai amagiti lumea care e si asa destul de asuprita si oprimata de imperialismul vestic sau rasaritean, ori american. Mai bine incercati sa explicati lumii ce se intampla, nu va cerem sa dati solutii, pentru ca solutii nu sunt… cata vreme superputerile astea nu se mai satura….
    cam atat am avut de spus…

  5. @cristi, multumesc de mesaj, insa nu ai inteles mare lucru din ce sunt si ce fac eu daca ma sfatuiesti sa ‘ma limitez la PR si la alte lucruri siropoase” :)))

    actiunile civice eco / pastrare patrimoniu ti se par siropoase? sau sa faci imagine industriei de IT in afara?

    eu cred ca nu 🙂

    daca as lucra la vreo revista de can-canuri, da, as face PR siropos pt cine ce vedeta, eveniment 🙂

    insa nu e stilul meu deloc sa ma ocup de chestii usurele, superficiale si … siropoase… 😉

    iti inteleg insa supararea ref vest si subscriu in mare masura la ce spui…

  6. Incepand de luni, 11.05.2009, voi incepe o petitie pentru amenajarea de spatii pentru caini in Bucuresti, si vreau sa o „promovez” cat mai puternic, pentru a strange suficiente semnaturi , deci pentru a fi luata in consideratie.
    Am gasit acest site, si m-am gandit ca nu strica sa cer o mana de ajutor.
    Astept raspuns. Multumesc anticipat, Mina Barbu.

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